Writing a text that defines us as Production Company and explains the work we do, is a hard task. We believe that even in this Market, that has so many options, we offer something that makes us different: our creative experience with our own Directors, and our experience as Service clients. The past ten years of work have provided us with the tools that helped us create a Service Production Company, based on a cared job and the quality of its process. We produce tailor-made productions that fit every client’s needs.

  • "In my book, the best service production ever - insanely impressed."

    Henrik Holmqvist Director @ King Edward

  • "You guys were amazing. Smashed it. Crushed it. Brilliant."

    Matthew Brown Managing Partner @ Knuclehead

Shooting in Spain

In Spain we have every desirable landscape -except for the tropical jungle…we’re still lacking that-. And now, with our Madrid and Barcelona offices, we cover the whole territory (that is luckily smaller and easier to handle than US).

We repeat: we don’t have jungles…but we’ve got some nice botanical gardens, though!

Tell us what you are looking for, we will be glad to help you.

Productoras para las que hemos trabajado:

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