Sebastián Caporelli

Sebastián Caporelli

Sebastián was born in Buenos Aires as the third son of an italo-spanish family. His memories of summer days are strongly marked by the Carnival, when the bicycle runs mixed with water balloons. He makes perfect cubes out of the bread center and would love to be Steve McQueen in the 60s (maybe because of his car fetish). He still have the scars from a car accident that took place when he was 20. He likes to cook because he likes to eat, remembers perfectly when his old man sat him down to watch Pink Floyd’s The Wall and recommends Truffaut’s interview to Hitchcock. His totemic animals are the flamingo and the anteater and he likes garlic (and considers the grilled one its best version).

Awards & Recognitions

  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2016 (Oro)
  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2016 (Bronce)
  • Lápiz de Oro_Interactivo 2016 (Oro)
  • El Sol 2016 (Plata)
  • Lia 2016 (Plata)
  • Epica 2016 (Plata)

Has worked for agencies like:

  • DDB Argentina
  • McCann Buenos Aires
  • Leo Burnett Argentina
  • Moroch