We believe in our profession, we like technical challenges and handcrafted approaches. We enjoy working with people that put love in their work…we’re a bit obsessive, what can we do?


Garlic was founded in a small apartment in downtown Madrid during the year 2002 by Álvaro Gorospe and Yann Malka.

The idea was to make handcrafted productions from a small but efficient structure, focusing each project as a tailor-made suit. We came from working in advertisement agencies and feel more confortable shooting good ideas. We even had a slogan for some time: the world’s smallest production house, happy of not being a big production factory.

After that, we lived some great growing years with Marcelo Burgos, with many trips, a lot of postproduction and quite a few awards.

With the passing of time the company has evolved and, even though we are no longer the smallest, we proudly keep the same boutique attitude we started with, keeping an optimized and flexible structure.

We are a group of professionals working together in a small house in Madrid, each one adding the best we can, and feeling proud of the work we do.

We believe in our profession, we love technical challenges and also the handcrafted or artistic approaches. We enjoy working with people that put love in their work for so many hours a day. We really treasure our relationship with the shooting teams we feel as part of the family.

We prefer hard productions, where the love we put in our work is valued, since we don’t ambition to invoice a lot but to make a work we can feel proud of.

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Álvaro Gorospe
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