31 August 2016

Summer is stretching in Spain!

Mox Amo

Mox Amo

When it seems that summer is running out, we realize that in Madrid and Barcelona we still have a couple of months of good weather, many terraces and a lot of sun.

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We can enjoy the locations with the same summer atmosphere of the past months but for our luck without the typical crowds of the summer months.

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In the end we have so much to offer…mild temperatures, pleasant nights and everything you know we have in Spain…competitive prices, the best cuisine in Europe, ease with permits and the possibility of crossing from one end of the country to the other in less than three hours. I am certainly forgetting about another 100 things that Spain has to offer…but come discover them with us 😉  


We still have a lot of summer ahead of us here in Spain and we are looking forward for your summer to be longer too!

Send us your projects, even if you’re not sure if we are an option, we are sure you will be surprised.

Happy long summer!!!