Diana Kunst


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Life she passes me 

pushing me forward
in transient movements.

Creating a dream with no thoughts
An Impulsive stare which reaches out to your immensity
A space which obstructs my desires. 

Following my eyes into a distance 
I contemplate a foreign landscape 
which directly explodes into my world. 

In the midst of chaos 
I am the great passion 
The passion 
of feeling free.


(Patricia Rezai)



DOP: Christos Voudouris

Executive producer: Alvaro Gorospe

Production manager: Alfonso Cazalilla

1st AD: David Martinez



Featuring: Angelique Van Zyl

Voice & Text: Patricia Rezai

Stylist: Dihantus Engelbrecht

Make up & Hair stylist: Diane Bessesen

Music: Michael Andews & Nicolas Jaar

Sound: Sonomedia

Produced by: Garlic