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DRIFT won the FIPRESCI award at the International Filmfestival of Mannheim-Heidelberg. The jury spoke of “a visceral and poetic experience that sometimes made us feel uneasy yet left indelible impressions on the minds and the hearts of the jury.”

A Belgian couple waits in an empty hotel in the Carpathian mountains. She suffers from a lingering illness. He helps her find her peace. Left alone, he escapes reality and starts to wander.

DRIFT explores his quest for salvation on a mythical journey through a barren Romanian wasteland. Fighting his memories, the drifting man chooses not to speak and to loose himself in an animal-like and primitive existence. His simple but painful rituals echo an ancient culture long forgotten. As the past reveals itself, insanity sets in. Slowly, he disappears as well.


Drift (trailer)